Microsoft Vulnerabilities
Report 2016

The Microsoft Vulnerabilities Report provides a detailed look at vulnerabilities in Microsoft products (from operating systems to web browsers) over 12 months, and analyzes how each of them could have been prevented.

What's prevalent is that, as vulnerabilities rise 60% year-on-year, 94% of them could have been mitigated if admin rights were simply removed. Read the full report to see a comprehensive breakdown, told through engaging graphs and accompanied by insightful commentary from Microsoft MVP and Windows security expert, Sami Laiho.

Microsoft Vulnerabilities report

What you will learn from this report


The current state of play

The latest analysis of vulnerabilities facing your organization.


How the situation has evolved

How vulnerabilities in 2016 compared to previous years.


Why removing admin rights makes sense

The overall benefits of removing admin rights.


What you can do to protect your business

An explanation of the next step those wanting to take action should take.